Deck & Patio

Adding a new deck or patio enables homeowners to enjoy additional living space while spending time in the great outdoors. After investing in a great backyard, offering a place for guests and family members to relax can be a great investment. Additionally, a new deck or patio will add significant value to any property, allowing homeowners to recoup most of their investment upon selling their home at a later date. Whether starting from scratch or working with an existing structure, investing in a new deck or patio or renovation is sure a way to get friends, family members, and neighbors excited about visiting your home throughout the seasons.

Deck Construction

Decks are a beautiful addition for any home with an inviting outdoor space. Homeowners can choose from a broad range of options when building a deck, so it is important to be creative when contemplating a new deck design. Decks should be built in a way where they are well-integrated with the shape of the backyard, allowing guests to get a good look at both natural and man-made features that should be highlighted. For example, a property with a steeply sloping backyard, as is common in Northeast Ohio, could have a deck that towers over the terrain and helps guests feel immersed in nature’s beauty. Best of all, decks are relatively quick to build, and the finished results offer the benefits of both long-term utility and increased property value.

Patio Construction

Patios are a popular alternative to decks when backyards feature relatively level land with any size lot. Some patios are built from large stones that are placed directly into the soil or gravel, but many others start with a concrete slab and then either lay tiles over top or apply a natural stone veneer. Since patios follow the contours of the land, some earth moving is usually required to make sure that patios are level enough for guests to feel comfortable while still allowing for adequate drainage. Patios are highly durable, which makes them perfect for Ohio’s tough winters, and are exceptionally easy to maintain. Investing in a new patio adds permanent value to a home that can last a lifetime.

Deck Painting and Refinishing

Homeowners with an existing deck should take steps to protect their investment from weathering and decomposition. Deck painting or refinishing is the best way to shield a deck from nature’s wrath because substrates act as a physical barrier to prevent bugs and other microorganisms from eating away at natural wooden materials. Additionally, routine staining or painting helps to keep a deck looking like new, allowing homeowners to enjoy their home as never before. For the weather conditions in Akron, Ohio, it is highly recommended to do deck painting and refinishing every three to five years.