Installing new appliances, electronics, and other home accessories is a routine responsibility for homeowners, but finding a skilled and reliable installation specialist can be challenging. Some products claim to come with free installation, but homeowners are often left waiting weeks to be provided by unknown stranger who must enter the home and, then, get the job done and leave as quickly as possible.

Cost of DIY Installation

As many have seen, although it is possible for some products to be installed by the homeowner, this often ends up being more expensive in the long-run. Learning how install a product takes time that could have been spent on more productive activities. Inexperienced homeowners can take several times longer to install a product and end without the quality installation of a professional.

Advantages of Professional Installation

In contrast, reputable professionals, such as Summit Home Improvement in Akron, Ohio and servicing areas such as Bath and surrounding areas, guarantee that a job gets done right every time by leveraging their industry experience and expertise to both reduce installation costs and improve results. Additionally, homeowners who work with Summit Home Improvement can enjoy the benefits of working with a single installation specialist who they know and trust for nearly all installation jobs.

Cabinet Installation

Professional cabinet installation saves homeowners the heavy lifting and labor-intensive chore of getting new cabinets into position. Even if prefab cabinets are used, it is rare for them to arrive perfectly sized for a particular room; therefore, some customization is often required which is a very difficult job for homeowners to do alone. Cabinets are often installed with countertops, which require skill to get into place without damaging the materials. Summit Home Improvement’s cabinet installation services allow homeowners to relax while seasoned professionals get their cabinets installed right.

Appliance Installation

New appliances are an essential part of home ownership, but few homeowners possess the skills to install and set them up in the right way. Whereas, for instance, a professional may take less than an hour to install a new washer and dryer, those with limited experience with such jobs often take several hours to complete the same task. Moreover, professionals ensure that appliances are installed correctly, that efficiency is optimized, and that other modifications can be made, when necessary, for proper installation. Appliance installation from Summit Home Improvement guarantees consistently optimal results.


With advancements in electronics continuing to evolve at an exponential pace, homeowners are increasingly integrating a growing variety of these products into their properties. Residential applications for modern electronics range from computer-controlled lighting to state-of-the-art security systems. Summit Home Improvement was founded by Dan Mock, who entered the home improvement industry after more than 20 years of experience on the technical side of the information technology industry. With such a background, Summit Home Improvement possesses the capabilities necessary to install most modern electronic systems, including those with “Internet of Things” applications, home theaters, and modern security systems, along with more simple jobs, such as TV wall mounts and conventional lighting applications.

Window and Door Installation and Repair

In addition to being highly labor-intensive, window and door installation is a tricky job that is hard to do right without professional assistance. Professionals know how to position windows properly to minimize heat loss and prevent cracking during extreme weather conditions. Summit Home Improvement in Akron and near Medina, Ohio, can prevent wasted time and money resulting from wrong or incomplete window or door orders. Finally, window repair is often an option in many situations—whether for an individual window or the entire home—to refinish window frames, replace glass, and restore their original beauty.

Other Installation and Repair Services

Summit Home Improvement is capable of most installation jobs not mentioned above. If you are interested in an installation job that is not listed on this page, contact us to discuss whether our capabilities for your project. Below is a sampling of additional installation and repair services that Summit Home Improvement offer:

  • Faucet and showerhead installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Playset installation
  • Crown molding installation
  • Shelving
  • Prefab furniture
  • Purchases with complete installation instructions
  • Installation requiring specialized tools