Summit Home Improvement offers homeowners one-of-a-kind advantages for completing projects that improve an existing home. Whether seeking to remodel an entire area of your home or simply looking to have some routine maintenance completed, Summit Home Improvement offers a comprehensive range of services for homeowners who favor working with one company that they can know and trust. In this way, Summit Home Improvement perceives all customers as long-term partners and seeks to retain your trust through personalized service and consistent results.

Our Story

Summit Home Improvement was founded by Dan Mock, who, after more than 20 years of working in information technology, decided to follow his life-long passion for improving homes. Dan had a reputation in his family for being the go-to guy when something needed fixed at home, and after putting together a careful business plan, he decided to branch out to helping other homeowners near Akron, Ohio. The rest is history, and his loyal base of long-term clients will attest to the value this decision has added in the local area. Today, Summit Home Improvement offers some of the best service in the industry with an outstanding customer focus that emphasizes long-term relationships, trust, and integrity.

Our Company

Satisfied clients have come to love Summit Home Improvement due to the range of services that our company offers as well as the spirit in which our services are rendered. We realize that most homeowners feel uncomfortable about letting strangers into their home, so we let our clients work with a single service professional for all jobs. When specialists are required for a job, we can either bring in another staff member or refer clients to a partner provider. Homeowners, therefore, can get the best of both worlds by having a single service professional for the vast majority of jobs while still realizing the benefits of a referred specialist when required by a project.

Our Philosophy

Since Dan spent more than 20 years as a working homeowner, he understands the frustration clients feel when providers fail to get a job done correctly yet still demand payment for incomplete or poor work. Dan and his team guarantee that every job will get done right, and can apply this philosophy to nearly every job that they do themselves. In some cases, however, quality results still sometimes necessitate delegating certain responsibilities to specialists. Summit Home Improvement, therefore, nurtures a broad network of certified providers to help homeowners get jobs done right—and at the right price—even when the task falls outside the scope of our primary expertise. Our company can, however, complete almost all jobs, but having the benefit of good referrals helps to make sure that homeowners can have one-time jobs finished correctly.

Skills and Experience

Summit Home Improvement possesses a wide variety of skills to help homeowners complete nearly any home improvement job. The capabilities of Summit Home Improvement come from both Dan’s lifelong passion for building and the expertise offered through his associates. With decades of experience building, remodeling, and completing maintenance jobs around the house, Dan and his team can finish the job with professionalism and great results. Perhaps most importantly, Summit Home Improvement is especially skilled in helping individual homeowners realize their dreams. Summit Home Improvement, therefore, is easy to talk to, reliable, and happy to offer suggestions for future improvements.


Almost all services needed for maintaining, repairing, and improving a home are available through Summit Home Improvement. Some of the jobs we are capable of completing include:

  • Remodeling (all home areas)
  • Installation
  • Home Restoration
  • Wood Restoration
  • Refinishing
  • Painting
  • Floor installation
  • Deck and patio construction
  • Handyman services
  • Comprehensive home maintenance services

If a job you are in need of is not on the list above, you should contact Summit Home Improvement to discuss how our capabilities might be aligned with your goals.

Long-Term Partnerships

Summit Home Improvement aims to nurture long-term clients because better relationships lead to significantly better results for everyone. Homeowners who prefer to outsource a laundry list of home improvement tasks, whether on a routine or one-time basis, can work with Summit Home Improvement to get all these jobs done at once, automatically, and on-time.

Homeowners can optionally elect to form a partnership where Summit Home Improvement will take care of all or many home maintenance jobs with minimal interruptions for the homeowner. In this way, Summit Home Improvement can leverage its far-reaching expertise to minimize the number of times per year where homeowners need to have servicemen enter their home.

Moreover, homeowners can also feel more secure knowing that someone they trust will enter their home to get the job done, rather than relying on a stranger who might make residents feel more uncomfortable. Although Summit Home Improvement is happy to do even a single job for a client, those interested in forming a partnership should contact Summit Home Improvement to learn more.

Get Started

Summit Home Improvement is always looking to nurture new relationships with homeowners in the greater Akron and Cleveland areas. Although we seek to stay small to focus on each client, we are always open to discussing a new project. If you have a job that you need to have done around the home, Summit Home Improvement is happy to discuss how we might fit your needs. Contact Summit Home Improvement today to learn more about how our services can revolutionize your perception of what quality home improvement means.