Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling

Refreshing an aged bathroom with a new look can make owning a home more rewarding while enabling families to enjoy new layouts, more privacy, and more of the luxuries of modern life. Since everyone wants a great bathroom, homeowners can expect that investing in a new bathroom will help their property sell faster and at a better price.

In the meantime, a new bathroom can save money by cutting back on energy and water usage. Whether seeking to rebuild a bathroom from scratch or simply to add a few new elements, bathrooms are one of the main areas of focus for homeowners seeking new possibilities from their properties.

Bathroom Cabinetry

Many new home designs near Akron, Ohio, minimize bathroom cabinetry to allow for more open space and reduce upfront purchase costs. However, homeowners tend to quickly realize the importance of cabinetry a few months after moving in when space starts to become scarce. Extending an existing cabinet or adding a new one will open up more space for storing towels, soaps, and personal items. Cabinets can be designed in a way where plenty of countertop space will be available, and this will help to reduce clutter while expanding the possibilities for bathroom usage. In addition to advantages from utility, new cabinet installation in the bathroom is sure to make any bathroom look its best.

Shower and Bathtub Installation

Installing a new shower or bathtub or simply adding to or improving an existing one enables homeowners to enjoy more luxurious bathing with maximum privacy and minimal hassle. As homes age, the plumbing system leading to baths and showers can start to leak, which can lead to water damage that can quietly destroy a home from the inside. Moreover, existing half-bathrooms can often be modified to add a shower, which can yield significant benefits for big and busy families competing over limited space.

Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, and Other Fixtures

Replacing or adding other fixtures in a bathroom, such as a sink or toilet, can improve the use of space while adding to a bathroom’s cosmetic appearance. Sinks can come as a single unit that avoids the necessity of adding cabinets, or they can be built into existing cabinets when sufficient excess space is available. When remodeling a bathroom, some sinks can be salvaged through cleaning, painting, and renovation, but others will need to be replaced to realize the project’s goals. Likewise, replacing a toilet can make sense during a remodeling project, especially when homeowners want to reduce water consumption and minimize clogs.

Build the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Summit Home Improvement in Akron, Ohio, can remodel any bathroom to match the dreams of homeowners. Whether swapping out a few fixtures for newer models or building a new bathroom from scratch, Summit Home Improvement possesses the experience and expertise necessary to ensure satisfaction with any bathroom remodeling project. Contact Summit Home Improvement today to learn how your bathrooms can look better than ever before with a new design that will bring new life into your existing home.