Floors of all types are used throughout homes around the world. Whether built from wood, stone, or made-made materials, flooring incorporates a unique look and feel to every room. When launching a remodeling project, homeowners should first consider whether to renovate existing flooring or to replace it with something new. The new floor should aesthetically compliment other elements in the room, and it should be built from materials that strike the right balance between longevity and budget constraints.

Controlling Dust and Allergens

Dust and its associated air pollution is a concern with many homeowners. Floorings that contribute to dust also contribute to many health concerns for adults as well as children. If this is a concern of yours, stick with flat surface materials which can be easily cleaned and remove clinging dust. Of course, all allergens contributing to health issues can never be totally eliminated, materials such as hardwood, will certainly improve the quality of the air throughout the home.

Types of Flooring

Today’s floors can be built from wide variety of materials, including those which come from nature and others that are man made. All floor types have advantages in certain applications, and most can be appropriate in at least one area of a home. Though not a comprehensive list, the most common floor types are detailed below:

Hardwood Flooring

Homeowners looking for the most natural look are sure to be pleased with hardwoods, which have stood the test of time as a favorite choice among homeowners of every age. Hardwood flooring is the natural alternative to either laminate flooring or engineered hardwood, which is built from layers of wood, or piles, that are glued together for extra strength.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is the option with the lowest depreciation and gives flooring a solid appearance. Homeowners also find tile flooring to be the easiest to clean and least likely to succumb to accidental damage. Tile flooring is the cornerstone of most kitchen, bathroom, and hallway designs, both modern and traditional.

Natural Stone Flooring

Homeowners can bring nature’s beauty indoors with natural stone flooring that retains the character of the great outdoors. Whereas tile is made from molded materials, natural stone takes this to the next level by cutting tiles from solid rock; the result is a design that is both breathtakingly beautiful and highly functional.

Laminate Flooring

Although still around 99 percent wood, laminate flooring takes advantage of modern processing technologies to enhance the water resistance and strength of traditional hardwoods. Laminate planks are built from a pressed wood board topped with a printed image of wood. Modern laminate flooring can appear nearly identical to hardwoods while enhancing performance and bringing down costs.

Vinyl Flooring

Artificial materials such as vinyl can leverage modern technology to simplify cleaning and bring costs to a minimum. Vinyl materials are easy to install, which brings down labor costs, and are resistant to stains and other damage. Some vinyl materials appear nearly identical to traditional tile while others offer unique designs that would be impossible with natural materials.

Floor Restoration

When launching a remodeling project, salvaging existing materials is critical to both retaining a home’s original character and cutting costs. Before ripping up a floor and starting over, homeowners should consider options for how existing floors can be restored to their original beauty.

Floor Refinishing

Wooden floors of all varieties can usually be restored to their original look with refinishing or painting. Professionals can sand down wood to remove existing finish and smooth down dings and dents. Moreover, when some of the floorboards have to be replaced, professionals can apply shaded stain to help match the new boards with the faded color of the original wood. Overall, homeowners should at least, whenever possible, consider refinishing before moving forward with replacement.

Improve the Flooring in Your Home

Replacing or repairing worn out or outdated floors is a great way to revitalize your home with a new look that can be enjoyed by both your family and guests alike. Summit Home Improvement is experienced in laying new floors throughout as well as refinishing and repairing existing floors for homeowners. Contact Summit Home Improvement to discuss how your floor can be brought back to life.