Home restoration projects are important for keeping a property looking its best, minimizing depreciation, and preserving a home’s value. Instead of replacing materials with age, they can often be restored as good as new through professional refinishing and repairing processes.

Homeowners looking to add something new to their home can often start with what they already have, then add a few new elements to enjoy a completely revitalized living space at minimal cost. Homeowners looking to get more out of their home should consider what options are available for a new restoration project.

Painting and Refinishing

Painting and refinishing is often sufficient to spice up a home by adding new colors and designs to existing surfaces. Homeowners with aged properties should keep in mind that almost any existing paint can be sanded down, and those dings and scratches are usually straightforward to make like new or to retain the distressed look. In this way, areas of a home that might initially appear to require total replacement can, in reality, be restored as good as new.

Paint can also help to prevent future damage, including from insects, sunlight, dings, and more. Modern coatings can help to reduce UV light exposure, prevent paint from peeling, and emit pheromones that warn insects and other pests to stay away. The experts at Summit Home Improvement, often recommend homeowners consider painting and refinishing before proceeding with a full-scale remodeling project.

Wood and Window Restoration

Since wood is soft natural material that is vulnerable to environmental damage, it is often one of the primary focus areas during a restoration or remodeling project. As mentioned earlier, sanding can go a long way to improve wood, but there are other processes that can go even further. Restoration often focuses on fixing broken furniture, repairing damage caused by high-acidity environments, and, of course, ordinary staining and refinishing.

Windows that has been damaged by the elements, pests, such as termites or rodents, can often be totally restored without replacement at a fraction of the cost. In extreme cases, substantial wood replacement may be required; however, this can still be done in a way where the original materials are kept in place as much as possible.

Flooring Restoration

Gravity causes objects to fall downward, so the floor is usually the most damaged area of a home as objects are dropped on it, people walk over it, pet damage, etc. Summit Home Improvement recommends that homeowners near Akron, Ohio, and as far as Strongsville, Ohio start by evaluating flooring when launching a home restoration project. When properties have succumbed to significant damage, repairing the floor is often cost-effective in terms of yielding maximum cosmetic results.


Even when interior spaces appear dismal, they still have solid walls, electrical outlets, a sturdy floor, and other features that homeowners take for granted on a daily basis. Remodeling, therefore, starts with existing structures and seeks to build something entirely new by starting with what already exists. New woodwork, flooring, appliances, and other accessories are then added to the existing space while restoring the surrounding areas.

A remodeling project, therefore, can leave living spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, looking completely new while still retaining a home’s original look and feel. However, remodeling projects can be used for more than just when spaces get old and dilapidated–remodeling can be used to upgrade the quality of existing materials or rearrange spaces for the sake of convenience. Due to the flexibility that homeowners enjoy remodeling project have become ever more popular.

Launching a Restoration Project

Whether seeking to repaint a single surface or remodel an entire area of your home, the experts at Summit Home Improvement can help homeowners make their dreams come true. Get in touch with Summit Home Improvement for any improvement project near Akron, Ohio, to discuss the best options for restoring or remodeling an area of your home.