Painting is an unavoidable aspect of owning a home, but learning to get the job done right can save both time and money while, most importantly, ensuring ravishing results. Although homeowners can often do some painting themselves, professional painting services guarantee quality results and save homeowners hours of time that could have been spent wisely elsewhere. Whether working with a professional or doing it yourself, acquiring a good understanding of the ins and outs of residential painting can help homeowners get more from their projects.

Advantages of Painting

As opposed to refinishing, which involves removing existing paint or finish and then applying a new finish over clean wood materials, the general advantage of painting is that it requires less work hours and can produce excellent results with lower-quality materials; as a result, painting is much more cost-effective and preferable in a majority of situations. Paint can often be applied directly over older finish, including stain, which reduces the necessity for perfect base materials and sanding. Less cost, however, does not mean lower quality results as many designs require painted surfaces instead of natural wood.

Paint also offers a nearly infinite variety of design options since the full color spectrum can be utilized. Paints range in consistency from glossy to matte, so the texture of a paint itself compounds the range of design choices for home improvement projects. Additionally, decorative painting techniques can make intentional use of cracking, stamping, and visible brush strokes to give surfaces a special look. When weathering is a concern, paints are available with special compounds designed to preserve wood and even ward off pests. Painting, therefore, is advantageous for a wide variety of reasons that can be applicable due to both practical considerations and matters of personal taste.

Types of Paint Finishes

No two paints are the same, so homeowners should invest the time necessary to research the right type of finish for the job. Read on to discover some of the most important considerations when choosing paint for a home restoration project.

Acrylic Paint vs. Latex Paint

Almost all paints are based in acrylic or latex. Acrylic paints are based in oil and have the advantages of excellent adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces, enhanced versatility, and a heavier coating; the downside, however, is that acrylic paints are more difficult to apply and lose their color over time.

Since acrylic paints are more expensive and are more difficult to install, latex paints are appropriate for most–but far from all–home improvement projects. Latex paints tend to last longer, be more resistant to mildew, go on smoother, and dry faster than acrylics. With a few exceptions, therefore, latex paints are preferable for most practical purposes while acrylics can be preferable for special rooms and furniture.

Matte Paint vs. Gloss Paint vs. Satin

Matte paints, which are also known as flat paints, absorb light to reduce sheen effects. Matte paints are less likely to show surface imperfections or dirt. The downside of matte paints, though, is that cleaning them can be more difficult since ordinary cleaning products can wear them down, especially when intense scrubbing is necessary.

Gloss paints reflect a high amount of light, which can look great for modern designs in the kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, and more. Gloss paints are easy to clean and resist moisture well. Any dirt, however, will be highlighted by gloss paints, so they have to be kept very clean and reapplied often.

Satin paints are the middle ground between matte and gloss. A moderate amount of light will be reflected by satin paints, and they usually allow for washing without complications. Satin paints are appropriate for most practical applications, which makes them the most common paints used in homes today.

Professional Painting Done Right

A professional paint job can make a world of difference to the appearance and curbside appeal of your home or business. Summit Home Improvement serves homeowners in the greater Akron area and can paint or finish any living area of your home–both inside and out. Homeowners can work with us for a single job or long-term for reliably professional painting for an entire property. Contact Summit Home Improvement today to discover how we can paint your home area with better results while saving you time and money.